New Products

This page contains the newest magnification and OCR devices.  It also contains the newest updates to existing devices.


The Mercury 6 Portable Hand Held Video Magnifier with OCR, Text to Speech


The new IrisVision a head borne video magnifier.


The brand new Transformer Video magnifier, battery powered, Wifi connectivity and OCR Text to speech all in a portable device that will connect to your laptop, desktop or IPad.



Now the Davinci Pro has split screen so that you are able to multi task~


The Merlin elite Pro also has the ability to multi task with  split screen capability!

Davinci Pro’s All New Feature   

How do you make something great even better…
Just add games!

Recognizing our products are often used by seniors, and knowing that keeping the brain active can help mitigate degenerative conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s, we’re pleased to introduce a new upgrade that incorporates fun games to help exercise the mind and improve one’s quality of life.

The menu has been slightly re-structured with the addition of a brand-new option for games. These games are accessed with a simple computer mouse and include popular choices such as: 

  • Soduku – One of the most popular logic-based number puzzles
  • Solitaire – The classic card game
  • Free Cell – A Solitaire game with variant rules
  • Reversi – Strategy game played against a computer
  • Tic-Tac-Toe – A simple two player game
  • Simon Memory – Test your memory skills by remembering colors and tones in an ever-expanding sequence


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