Davinci Pro Split Screen


The new Davinci Pro Split Screen is a digital magnifier with split screen capability.


The Davinci Pro Spilt Screen

NOW you have the option of full screen magnification or split screen magnification!


Description: The new Split Screen option addresses the customer’s need to simultaneously view a live CCTV image alongside their computer or HDMI image. This will allow the customer to perform tasks more effectively by providing the following split screen viewing options: • Vertical Split (CCTV image on the right and Computer image on the left) • Vertical Split (CCTV image on the left and Computer image on the right) • Horizontal Split (CCTV image on the bottom and Computer image on the top) • Horizontal Split (CCTV image on the top and Computer image on the bottom) To minimize the learning curve, we have designed this option in the same style as line markers and windows. A simple selection in the menu allows one to select or de-select one or all the options. To activate your desired split screen setting, simply roll the speed wheel on the right side of the console. To adjust the computer image window size, simply press and hold the right-side speed wheel in while toggling the brightness key up or down on the console. It’s that simple! 

CCTV Features: • 24” high resolution HD LCD, pivots for best image quality • Auto focus 3-in-1 camera for self- viewing, reading or distance viewing • Magnification up to 77x • Slide mechanism provides flexibility for various camera arm positions • 28 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness • Computer compatible – toggle between CCTV and other devices • 2 year warranty OCR Features: • 13 Megapixel camera for accurate full page OCR • Reading preview lets you read the entire page or navigate through paragraphs and read selected text • Easy-to-use console with simple and advanced modes • Male & female premium voices • Save documents, pictures or books and export files to your PC • Set up is easy, just plug in and begin.

High resolution LCD produces maximum picture detail for a clear, bold display •

Large field of view – see more on the screen •

Get more done in split screen mode (optional)

Featuring popular games such as Soduku, Solitaire, and Tic-Tac-Toe •

One button push to move between live image and OCR •

Single Line Text reading format – Words scroll to decrease eye fatigue

See near, far or a mirror image with 3-in-1 Full HD camera •

Apply make-up, shave, read, write, view presentations and whiteboards •

Perfect for work, home or school



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