In Many instances, we at Magnification Resources are able to provide financing for the devices that you purchase from us.  If we are unable to do so, we will work with you to find a non-profit financing program for you.  We also work with Assistive Technology Partnerships and Divisions of Low Vision and Blindness in NE and IA.

We recommend, if you are researching payment alternatives, to learn more about the numerous grant programs and resources available.

Members of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
Assistive Technology Association ATIA Funding Resources Guide
The Assistive Technology Fund (for Residents of the United States)
National Assistive Technology Technical Assistance Partnership (NATTAP)
National: International Association of Lions Clubs

Grants & Funding in Education
Federal Student Aid Grant Programs:
The federal government provides grant funds for students attending colleges, career schools and universities. Grants are not loans and do not have to be repaid. Information about scholarships is also available. Enter the word disability in the search to find scholarships that are specifically for students with disabilities, or you can just search for a field of study or major such as music, law enforcement, biology, social work, etc.

State Specific Assistance
Members of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) & Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU)
Members of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) can join the Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) to take advantage of access loans to assist someone with a disability. To use the services of the DCU you must first join the AAPD. Membership is only $15.

To join both AAPD and the Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) at the same time, you can do so from the DCU website at or by calling them at 800-328-8797. At the DCU website click on Loans/Visa and then other loans and then Mobility Vehicles and Access Loans. The Access Loans can be for up to 72 months and require no down payment.

Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) which is operated by the Association of Blind Citizens. If the person qualifies the ATF will provide funds to pay for 50% of the MSRP of the adaptive device. The applicant must be legally blind and a resident of the USA. Applications are submitted by email ( only.

Go to for more details (look for Assistive Technology Fund in the left column), and to see the qualifications and the application.

National Assistive Technology Technical Assistance Partnership (NATTAP)
The 56 state and territory programs are funded under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended. State Assistive Technology Act programs work to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive statewide programs of technology-related assistance. Additionally, the programs support activities designed to maximize the ability of individuals with disabilities and their family members, guardians, and advocates to access and obtain assistive technology devices and services.

Funding Sources
State Disability Coalitions on Assistive Technology
The fifty states have federally funded or non-profit programs to help disabled residents obtain Assistive Technology (AT) devices. Assistive technology is simply any device that a disabled person can use to assist them in learning, making their environment more accessible, performing a job in the work environment, increasing their independence or otherwise improving their quality of life. Included in this are motorized wheelchairs and scooters, mobile bases for custom chairs.

Eligibility Requirements
Requirements vary by state and coalition organizations.

Application Process
State assistive technology coalitions are generally information and referral sources that do not provide funding for assistive devices. They are best used as a resource for information, providing assistive technology demonstrations, and conducting product research, as well as a source for education about AT and advocacy.

Disabilities Coalition in Your State
Iowa Compass
Iowa COMPASS provides information to Iowa consumers and family members about potential sources of funding for the purchase of assistive technology.