Identifying The Best Vision Assisting Products

Identifying The Best Vision Assisting Products Individuals experiencing low vision issues have enough to deal with-- understanding which magnifying aids they need can be tricky. Experiencing any form of low vision can have life changing consequences in one’s life. This can turn daily activities into a nightmare. With low vision magnifiers, individuals suffering with lower vision issues can have the ability to function at a higher level without having to give up important pieces of their lives. If someone you love has recently been diagnosed with low vision or sight impairments, don’t automatically assume that because of this life has to drastically change. There are plenty of resources available to help your loved [...]

The Value Of Portable Visual Assisting Devices

Visually Impaired: How to Prepare Your Home Individuals suffering with low vision can have problems completing daily tasks, such as reading the newspaper, doing their homework or online work. They can also have a hard time within the grocery store because reading labels may be difficult. Low vision sufferers may have a difficult time, or be completely unable, to cook and prepare meals for themselves. This may make living alone a challenge, as they cannot complete tasks on their own. Portable and easy-to-use magnifiers such as the Smart Reader, or other text to speech magnifiers may make it easier for users to complete tasks that most people take for granted. By taking these [...]

Employees and Visual Impairment

Visually Impaired: How to Prepare Your Home Imagine that you have just interviewed an individual that you have considered hiring; but, with their visual impairment, it makes you a little anxious about hiring them. Most of the time, individuals who live with a visual impairment are most extremely driven and willing to work. They are determined to make the best of their life, and are just looking for someone to give them a chance. As an employer, you could have the most hardworking, dependable person right in front of you. So, here are some concerns that you may be facing with hiring a visually impaired employee. How easily will I be able to [...]

Visually Impaired: How to Prepare Your Home

Visually Impaired: How to Prepare Your Home Your loved one was just diagnosed with low vision impairments. They can no longer live alone and you are preparing your home so that you can take care of them. While this may seem to be a simple task; you should really take your time to prepare a space that they are comfortable and safe in. While some changes may be noticeably necessary, others may not be.  Here are some tips to help you prepare your home. Speak to doctor Your first step is speaking with his doctor. What type of impairment do they have? What changes are necessary in providing them the best care possible. [...]