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Mercury 10 Magnifier with Speech

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Mercury 10 Magnifier With Speech
The Mercury 10 is a easy to use magnification system based on a Android tablet. It’s designed to read on a desk and is comfortable for longer reading sessions. The unit can perform live magnification to enlarge printed material but can also speak it aloud accurately. A wide 10.1 inch display allows for a large viewing area. Mercury 10 also has a built in LED light with an Octa-Core processor ensuring easy reading in any lighting condition.

10.1 Inch HD Screen
Live Magnification
Full Page Accurate OCR
Multiple Color Schemes
8 Mp Camera With LED Light
Natural Sounding Voices
Use as Android tablet (optional)
Foldable stand
Save/Load Images
Headphone Jack
Battery lasts up to 8 hours
Multiple Languages

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