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Acrobat HD Ultra LCD 20″

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ACROBAT HD ULTRA LCD 20″ is a complete system featuring a 3-in-1 Full HD camera with a 20”, 22”, 24”, or 27” high resolution HD LCD producing maximum picture detail for clear, vivid color display.

The adjustable arm, tilting screen, and rotating capability allows the camera to be positioned at any angle for optimal viewing.

◾acrobat-zoom-bg[1]Full HD auto focus 3-in-1 camera for seeing yourself up close, reading and distance viewing
◾Detachable Full HD camera for use at multiple work stations
◾Various arms and positioning options provide maximum flexibility
◾True mirror image in self-viewing mode
◾Memory setting for each HD camera position
◾Compact size minimizes space needed on table or desk
◾20”, 22”, 24” or 27” high resolution HD LCD monitors provide 1.6x to 99.5x adjustable magnification (varies with LCD size)
◾Large field of view
◾28 available viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
◾Wrap around dual keypad allows easy access to controls
◾Line markers and object locator
◾Remote control unit features instant on/off (standby)
◾Computer compatible (additional hardware required)
◾Set up is easy, just plug in and begin
◾2 year warranty
◾Designed and Assembled in the USA

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