Visually Impaired: How to Prepare Your Home

Individuals suffering with low vision can have problems completing daily tasks, such as reading the newspaper, doing their homework or online work. They can also have a hard time within the grocery store because reading labels may be difficult. Low vision sufferers may have a difficult time, or be completely unable, to cook and prepare meals for themselves. This may make living alone a challenge, as they cannot complete tasks on their own.

Portable and easy-to-use magnifiers such as the Smart Reader, or other text to speech magnifiers may make it easier for users to complete tasks that most people take for granted. By taking these portable devices with them, they are able to correctly and appropriately do their grocery shopping or just finish a book that they’ve had difficulty finishing. Text to speech magnifiers can help individuals to become more independent as they can successfully figure things out without another person intervening to help them. If you don’t need text to speech, but just a reading help, try the Pebble Mini, which can travel easily in your purse! This makes reading menus, prescriptions, and product labels so easy.

Talking watches can help you to tell time without needing another person to tell you the time. Simply push a button and your watch speaks to you. There are also options to tell you the time each hour, if losing track of time is an issue.

Light and lamp magnifiers may help individuals who are suffering from age related diseases like macular degeneration. Simply carrying a handheld device can help these individuals to create a better structure of independence and self dependency. While these items may be pricey they can also be a necessity for low vision sufferers to stay independent. Sometimes better light can help to optimize the sight that you still have left.

Whether you need text to speech compatibility, light and lamp magnifiers or just a portable reading magnifier, prepare to have your life changed! Lower vision magnifiers can help create independence for you, or your loved one again with portable options.