Visually Impaired: How to Prepare Your Home

Imagine that you have just interviewed an individual that you have considered hiring; but, with their visual impairment, it makes you a little anxious about hiring them. Most of the time, individuals who live with a visual impairment are most extremely driven and willing to work. They are determined to make the best of their life, and are just looking for someone to give them a chance. As an employer, you could have the most hardworking, dependable person right in front of you. So, here are some concerns that you may be facing with hiring a visually impaired employee.

How easily will I be able to accommodate this employees needs? Well, while visual magnifiers can be pricey, there are grants available for individuals needing special tools in the workforce.

How can I assure that I provide this employee with all of the necessary accommodations? Ask! While these questions should be asked in an interview, you should know what accommodations should be provided to assure that your new employee has the best chance at a successful career opportunity. By providing the necessities within the working environment, your visually impaired employee will most likely assure hard work for you as well.

Is it expensive to accommodate the individuals needs in the workplace? Not necessarily. While it is within the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) for the employer to promote a healthy working environment for those with special needs, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Don’t assume that by hiring someone with a disability is just going to cost you money.

Hiring someone with low vision could be beneficial to you and your company. By setting your new prospective employee up for success can be greatly rewarding within your company. Just because an individual has a disability, does not rule them out from being able to perform professional duties as well as the next person.