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Davinci Pro Full HD Video Magnifier with Full Page OCR
The NEW Davinci Pro HD Video Magnifier with FULL PAGE Text to speech 
More Information


MoJo is the Only Electronic Monocular Available.  More Information
Mo Jo can also be inserted into a Desktop stand turning it into a Desktop CCTV/Video Magnifier.  More Information


Doubled Merlin HD with text Corrected Color 2 LED 3X Stand Magnifier Rectangular Lens Pocket Magnifier 3.5X / 10D Rectangular Pebble HD Portable Handheld Magnifier

Magnification Resources offers a very broad line of magnification devices.  If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please give us a call.


From Hand Held like our Pro Series Hand Held Magnifiers to video magnifiers like the MerlinPebble, DaVinci, 3 in 1 Video Magnifiers, Portable Video Magnifiers  and many more, we offer them all. We promise to offer these products at the lowest price but if you find a lower price, let us know and we will meet that price and then beat it by offering to match it or beat it.  We also carry a variety of daily living devices from talking watches to kitchen utensils.


Text to speech devices have become very popular devices with only the best offered on our web site.

Each category listed below has a wealth of information with several manufacturer's item listed. 


There is no other site that offers the variety of choice from more than one manufacturer in each market segment.


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If you are looking for something and cannot find it, please send us an e-mail as we carry virtually everything in the world of magnification.


Our web site is continuously being updated and added to so please check back.


Our e-mail address is







Man using Smart Reader

Text to Speech OCR

Merlin Elite - HD Video Magnifier with Text-to-Speech
Desktop Video

Photo of the Transformer connected to a laptop PC.
Computer Connected Video Magnification
Video MagnificationVideo Magnification with Text to Speech  
Hand Held Video Magnification
 Photo of the Acrobat LCD 19-inch Transportable CCTV Video Magnifier
Portable Desktop Video Magnification

Hand Held Magnifiers
and more
Head Bourne Magnification
 Acrobat Mini
Acrobat Family of Video Magnifiers
Fixed Stand Magnifier
Fixed Stand and Dome Magnifiers
 InSight Flat Panel CCTV Video Magnifier
Pre-Owned &
Demo Video Magnifiers
 Pre pebble
Pre-Owned Hand Held Video Magnifiers

Magnification Glasses
 3.15X25 Optelec Monocular PowerScope™
Telescopes and Monoculars
 Photo of the Transformer connected to a laptop PC.
Computer Connected Video Magnification

Computer Magnification
Mouse Style Video Magnification
 Ladies Gold Tone Dual Voice Talking Watch
Talking Watches
Solar Shield Comfort glasses
Sunglasses, Eye Protection
 Product Image
Blindness, White and Support Canes
 Serene CL-60P Amplified Phone W/Photo Dial and Speakerphone
Bookstand with Magnifier
magnifying lamps on stand with casters
Lamps and Lights
 Ivee Voice Activated Clock - Digit
Talking Clocks


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