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A message from the President of Magnification Resources, Inc.

We are all living in unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus.   

As I watch the world go into quarantine, I cannot help but think about our customers and their need for our magnification.  Perhaps now more than ever, our clients need to be independently self-sufficient.  The problem that arises for many of them is the that they need someone to help them with their activities of daily living due to their visual disability.

Imagine if you could not read the labels on your medicine bottles or the labels on your food.  How would you know that you are opening the correct package?

Our products are designed to make it possible for this very special part of our population.  We assist them in everyday tasks like reading their mail, their newspapers, the medication bottles, their food containers, recipes and much more.

As we all struggle to maintain our daily lives, I would like for you to know that we are instituting new strategies to assist the visually impaired community.

First of all, we are still open for business and are here to assist you!

All of our products are available.  These products are still available for in person delivery.  If you prefer, we are implementing a no charge shipping and mailing program on each and every one of our devices.

If a product is ordered to be delivered by the US Postal Service or UPS, we will take extra steps to ensure that the product is sanitized before it is packaged for delivery.

If you would like for us to bring the device to your home (in NE, SD, IA, MO or KS), set it up and teach you how to use it, we have additional steps set in place to alleviate your concerns.

The device will be pre-sanitized.

When we arrive at your home well will thoroughly sanitize our hands.

We will have masks and/or respirators available for use while in your home and we will not stay longer than your need for us to be there.

We appreciate your need for our products and services!  I appreciate your business and your loyalty!

If there is anything that I can do for you, please call my personal number at 402-499-9418 or send an email to me at mbn@magnificationresources.com

Together, as a Nation, we will get through this very difficult time!

Mark Neumeier,


Magnification Resources, Inc.


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